"I have worked with Debbie for almost 8 years and she is a brilliant project manager. She has worked on some very complex & sensitive projects requiring alignment across many parts of our organisation. Her stakeholder engagement and management skills are exceptional and she has a great friendly but firm manner to ensure that delivery is always on target.
Debbie works tirelessly to ensure she understands the inner workings of all areas that she is involved with and she is a great listener as well as providing guidence and support to other team members.
Debbie has so much knowledge and experience in this field and she is very generous with that knowledge to others"

Jenny Strickland MCICM

Learning & Development Manager

"Deb is the most efficient and helpful Project Manager I've worked with. Good project management may not be hard to find. But one who's pleasant, with good sense of humour yet tough, and willing to give you extra hands to ensure successful project implementation as a TEAM must be very hard to find.

A great and pleasant person to work with. All who came under her project scope (many projects and many big complex one - involved from 3 to a few hundreds people) remember well how tough Deb could be, and yet feeling gratitude for her drive, steer and support to make those projects successful and delivered the expected benefits"

Jetsupa Thiengtham

East Regional Credit Manager

"Contrac is a successful UK based Print Management Company, with a turnover of £ 15,000,000. Contrac’s client base includes, ATS Euromaster, Marks and Spencer, Europcar, Jewsons, Woolworths, Wolesely Centres, GIST Logistics, Hewden Hire, Unipart and ARCO, to name but a few.

I met Debbie Fletcher whilst Debbie was with ATS Euromaster Limited in a consultancy roll, working in the area of Transactional Payments.

We worked together on several projects, introducing streamlined processes into areas including, Incoming Cash Payments from 530 centers UK wide and Transactional Billing to the ATS Client base, among others.

Every project that I worked on with Debbie was successful, reducing both tangible and intangible costs, and introducing processes that made business easier for both customer and supplier.

Debbie’s approach was refreshingly to the point. Her preparation for meetings was always exemplary, allowing for smooth and well informed progress on points at hand.

Dare I say, Debbie is the most professional business consultant I have ever worked with, and as you can imagine in my business dealings I have worked with a few! I would welcome the opportunity to work with Debbie again.

I would not hesitate to recommend Debbie and her company to any potential client"

John Bratten
Sales Director