Profiles & Values

Debbie Fletcher

Debbie benefits from a wealth of business and commercial experience and her common sense, no nonsense approach to “getting things sorted” offers effective short and long term change solutions in any organization, along with the associated and expected benefits.

She has excellent planning and organizational skills, creating a “team” environment wherever she works, achieving great results and having fun too. Her leadership style is infectious and she sets clear targets and a framework for others to thrive in. When the going gets tough she will always maintain a clear focus on YOUR business needs.

Debbie’s  personal values include trust, honesty and integrity.

Steve Wylie

An inspired individual with true entrepreneurial flair. Passionate and committed to all aspects of business development with a particular interest in e-business development, he can be relied upon to develop new initiatives, test alternative methods and implement radical change.

Steve benefits from a broad background of commercial experience and business acumen. He enjoys being involved in many different types of businesses and thrives on seeing them grow, develop and release their greatest potential.

Steve's personal values include trust, honesty and integrity


Open & honest about what we can and cannot do – integrity in business is everything!

Give advice based on our own business experience – if we know it won’t work we will tell you!

Deliver honest, pragmatic and “fit for purpose” solutions – never over complicate a potentially simple solution!

Minimize costs for clients whenever and wherever possible – that includes our costs and other hidden costs within a client’s business!

Assist clients in making the most of what they have – we won’t supply you a service we believe you have the skills & experience to complete yourself unless you ask us to specifically!

Develop an exit strategy and criteria for all assignments – we want you to know what to do with what we leave you!